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High - Speed Internet

Blazing fast speeds with one connection powering all your computers, laptops, TVs, tablets and more.


Ksh. 2,500

1-10 Users
CCTV Back up
File Sharing
Light web Browsing
Speed 3Mbps
Dedicated Link
Speed 5Mbps
Multiple Surf Devices
Single Streaming User
Unlimited Use
light surf functions


Ksh. 4,200

10-20 Users
CCTV Live stream
Limited Video Conferencing
Large File Sharing
Dedicated Link
Speed 5 Mbps
Speed 10Mbps
Multiple Surf Devices
Multiple Streaming Users
Unlimited Bundle
Video Chatting


Ksh. 7,200



Kes. 70/24hrs

24Hrs unlimited- 70/=
25GB - 1000/=
10GB - 600/=
Lipa na Mpesa
No installations
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